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Jay Kesler once said, “Young people need something stable to hang on to – a culture connection, a sense of their own past, a hope for their own future. Most of all, they need what grandparents can give them”. And, life tips from grandparents is one of those things that they can give us!

Our grandparents have so much to give. Grandma is the one who sneakily feeds you tasty treats and grandpa is the representation of wisdom in the home. This valuable generation offers us gentle, unconditional love, with a smattering of life lessons thrown in for good measure. Our grandparents have seen and experienced so many changes and both ups and downs in their lifetime. Consequently, they can offer amazing stories, advice and wisdom to anyone who is willing to the time to sit down with them.

We asked our community to do just that; take the time to listen. Then, have them tell us the best life tips from grandparents that they have received. Its no wonder the Italians say, “if nothing is going well, call your grandmother”.

Here’s a collection of great life tips from grandparents in our community:

If you do it right, you only have to do it once.

– Grandma to MP F.

Never take family for granted and live every day to the fullest with no regrets.

– Grandma to Melissa W.

Just take it easy!

– Grandpa to Emma B.

Follow your heart, your head will figure out the rest.

– Grandpa to Margaret M.

No matter what, be honest.

– Grandma to Alanis G.

Be best friends [with your partner], don’t go to bed angry at each other and laugh as much as you can.

– Grandpa to Emily O.

Cherish the time you have with family.

– Grandparents to Amy M.

When tough times come and you fall down, remember how you got up 10 times before.

– Grandma to Cristina M.

If _______ doesn’t make you feel expansive, it makes you feel small or restricted – it’s not right.

– Grandpa to Alicia W.

Exercise your patience.

– Grandma to Jelissa W.

Trust me, I have been where you are going.

– Grandpa to Paige L.

Since retiring I have never looked back and wished I worked more. Spend time with your loved ones and doing what makes you happy.

– Grandma to Ric B.

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