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Join us for the Seniors Fair

Live with Grace, Age in Place

on Saturday, June 8TH, Noon to 5 pm
at The Silver Springs Golf & Country Club

Seniors Fair Overview:

This is an inaugural seniors fair in a Country Club. Also, this event is for seniors and their adult children to come together. There are many things to do during the fair. For example, you will attend presentations, browse local seniors services and mingle with other families.


In addition to the vendor booths, there will be presentations with many different topics. For example, health, wealth and planning. Furthermore, you will learn about the hidden gems of retirement planning, local senior services and much more.


Also, win prizes at the fair in addition to getting valuable information.

  • Firstly, visit each vendor.
  • Secondly, fill out your passport card at each booth.
  • Thirdly, complete the passport.
  • Finally, use the completed passport to enter our prize draw.

Most importantly, there is over $8,000 worth of prizes to give away! For example, compression stockings, gift certificates, and foot care treatments


Furthermore, you can check out the list of companies ahead of time. In addition, we have listed the services for each company. As a result, you can plan your time at the fair with your specific needs in mind.

Most importantly, thank you to these vendors for their support!


Vendor/Company Services
Sobeys Pharmacy Medication, Supplements
Inner Spirit Photography Photography
Wayfare Nursing Medical Cannabis Consultants
Compassion Care in the Air Medical Support while Traveling
101 Mobility Mobility and Accessibility Supplies
5 Points Chiropractic Chiropractic
SHIFT Construction Accessibility Renovations
Robin Spiers & Associates Real Estate
Covenant Living Retirement Residence
Moore Wittman Philips Lawyers
Relocate Stress Free Moving and Storage
Versatile Accounting Accounting Services
T & J Cleaning Solutions Cleaning Services
HomeEquity Bank Home Equity
Pawz Pawdz Plus Pet and house sitting
Financial Concierge Financial Concierge Services
Aging In Place Support Services to Age in Place
New West Videos Legacy Videos
Horizon Health Orthotics, Compression Stockings, Raising Chairs
Athlete Factory Private and group training
Raymond James Financial Planning
Parkinson Association Resources for Parkinson’s Disease
PALS Pets Pet Visits/Therapy
Ohana Care Home Care, Foot Care


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